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Sponsorship and Advertising

Advertising Opportunities:

Category 1: Business, School, Association Advertising

IAA Newsletter:

Full page: $250 per issue
1/2 page: $175 per issue
1/4 page: $100 per issue

IAA Website:

Small box ad (175 x 175 pixels): $50 per month
Large box ad (175 x 350 pixels): $75 per month
Banner box ad (575 x 100 pixels): $75 per month

Category 2: Classified and Event Advertising

Website: $30 per listing for up to 100 words, $10 each additional 50 words
Newsletter: $30 per issue for up to 100 words, $10 each additional 50 words
Text only: $20 to include a camera-ready logo with web or newsletter ad (limited size and content at discretion of newsletter and website editors).

Category 3: Website Link Listings:

$30 one-time fee


Newsletter: June 10 for July newsletter and January 10 for February newsletter
Website: No deadline

Advertising Policies:

Prepayment is required for all ads. Ads will not be placed in newsletter or website until payment has been received. We accept checks only.
Newsletter: Submit your business ad in .jpg or .pdf files; classified or event ad in .doc or .pdf format. The IAA newsletter is printed in black & white on colored paper.
Website: Please submit your box ad in .gif, .jpg, or .png format; classified or event ad in .doc format. If you do not have a website-ready ad, we can create your ad for a one-time design fee of $50.

Sample Ad

Business Sponsorship

More information about IAA's business sponsorship programs

For More Information:

Melissa Rockwood

Phone: 208-882-5472